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Litchfield, SC

Welcome to Hunter Brown Development, LLC

Hunter Brown Development, LLC is an Award Winning full service real estate company with experience in residential, commercial and industrial development and construction along with property management in the Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet and Georgetown areas. Hunter Brown has a wide knowledge base of the area having been a Murrells Inlet resident for over 17 years. His unique vision for our area has lead to many unique and beautiful communities along the Grand Strand. The Hunter Brown Development team puts their heart and soul into creating lifestyles by building developments with incredibly high architectural integrity and warm, family ambiance. All of this is accomplished with the highest environmental consciousness.

Hunter Brown Development relies on the areas best engineering firms, infrastructure and site work experts and environmental agencies to insure a quality product. This multi-faceted team ensures keen attention to detail.

This is not an offer to residents of any country or state where prohibited by law. Prices, plans, products, and availability are subject to change without notice. Illustrations are artists' depictions and may differ from completed improvements. Scenes may include locations or activities not on the property. Improvements, facilities and programs are in formative stages, and there is no guarantee they will be completed or developed.
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